Promo photo from the upcoming video for ‘Algabal’ which is #1 on EAC - European Alternative Charts, 2nd week and album ‘The Book’ 11 weeks! 

ALGABAL #1 on European Alternative Charts

Algabal, the new single by Dani’el from the album ‘The Book’ entered #1 spot on European Alternative Charts. Album 'The Book' is also #1 (10 weeks on Chart). 


EP 'The Book: Revision' incl. two remixes of ‘Algabal’ by Damir Ludvig and Maxi Mix Man available on iTunesDeezer or Spotify.

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'The Book: Revision' OUT NOW!

'The Book: Revision' available on all major digital channels! Get it on:


01. Safe (Acoustic Studio Session) 
02. Only You (Damir Pushkar Remix) 
03. Algabal (Damir Ludvig Remix) 
04. Nothing 2 Regret (Acoustic Studio Session) 
05. Safe (People Theatre's Protected Mix) 
06. Only You (Acoustic Studio Session) 
07. Safe (Enter And Fall Remix) 
08. Algabal (Maxi Mix Man’s Club Mix) 
09. WAIW4 (Acoustic Studio Session)


The Book: Revision

Release Date: April, 10th 2014

Track List:

  1. Safe (Acoustic Studio Session)
  2. Only You (Damir Pushkar Remix)
  3. Algabal (Damir Ludvig Remix)
  4. Nothing 2 Regret (Acoustic Studio Session)
  5. Safe (People Theatre’s Protected Mix)
  6. Only You (Acoustic Studio Session)
  7. Safe (Enter and Fall Remix)
  8. Algabal (Maxi Mix Man’s Club Mix)
  9. WAIW4 (Acoustic Studio Session)


* The Book is on sale on Conzoom Records for 5,00 € only. More info at

Safe #1 on European Alternative Charts

Safe is #1 and album ‘The Book’ #2 on European Alternative Charts!